Driver Friendly DOT Physical Exams Get In & Out ON TIME!

DOT Exams Antioch TN Chiropractor S.L. Geisser

DOT Exams in Antioch TN

Top 10 Reasons To Choose
DOT Physicals TN

  1. COST. $97.00 All-inclusive and fair, ethical DOT/ CDL Physical Exam (NOTE: cash price).
  2. TIME. With an appointment, we see you on time, because we respect YOUR time (NOTE: Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome).
  3. CERTIFICATION. Our doctor is DOT Certified and Validated on FMCSA Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.
  4. QUICK. 30-minute Exam (NOTE: time is dependent on driver’s health)
  5. PAPERWORK. We have all the necessary paperwork.
  6. CARD. Free laminated medical card.
  7. REMINDERS. Free Text/E-mail reminders. Never forget to renew your exam again! 
  8. ACCESSIBLE. We're conveniently located in the Travel Centers of America just off Exit 62 on I-24.
  9. PARTNERS. OOIDA partner & TeamCME Provider
  10. CALL! Just call us if you are unsure about your medical issues, the doctor will help you out!
DOT/CDL Physical Exams for Commercial Truck Drivers (CDL Physical Exam)
DOT Drug Testing
Quick Drug Test
Medical Cards Exam (Non-CDL)
Non-DOT Drug Test
DOT Random Drug Testing Programs (for Companies)
Pre-employment screens (for Companies)
Most of our exams are easy and take you less than 30 minutes to complete!
No hidden fees!
Local and family owned
Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
Licensed and insured
Offer School Bus Driver Physicals
Our exam includes all required components of the DOT Medical Exam with no hidden lab fees!